Recording Studio in Oceanside, CA


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Here at our new Oceanside location we offer many recording studio services that range from the creation of the song through to the finished product. Some of the services we provide include:

Producing // Tracking // Editing // Mixing

  All services are billed at the same standard rate. 

Hourly Rate: $30/hr. 

For ​Mixing 
If you have recorded tracks either on your own or at another studio and would like me to mix them for you this is also something that can be done. Because each song is different, pricing these projects are done on a case by case basis. You need to make an appointment to come by the studio so I can view all the sessions and get an idea of how much work there is to be done, at that point I can accurately quote your job.

For Producing 
Contact for a meeting and quote. I generally work out of my Oceanside location, but arrangements can be made for other situations and working out of other studios.
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